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Organic Ingredients and Natural Soil Management

High Quality Products for High Quality Bud

From seed to flower, Cannabis and hemp preform best when grown in natural soil with organic amendments. At Lewis Lemon Hemp, we take pride in our final product. Every grow, experiments are conducted, as we strive to refine our cultivation process for peak hemp performance. For our most recent grow, we’ve selected products like Pro-Mix HP soil and Gaia Green plant food that have so far, yielded outstanding results. Our babies are growing up fast!

Why Pro-Mix High Porosity?

We selected Pro-Mix HP as our plant medium for its superior porosity. Soil with high porosity ensures the plant’s root system has access to oxygenated air. Pro-Mix HP also contains perlite, a necessary medium that provides excellent drainage. Drainage is important for hemp growth as too much moisture in the plant’s root system can lead to unwanted mold, fungus, and pests, not to mention, a less than satisfactory crop. Us Lemonheads are in a committed relationship with perlite.

Pro-Mix HP also contains Mycorrhizae, a type of wanted fungus (we know) which forms a symbiotic relationship with the plants to help absorb moisture and nutrients. Soil biodiversity and chemistry is crucial to the development of Cannabis and hemp plants. Mycorrhizae aids the plants in the fertilization process, which reduces the need for, and cost of, additional nutrients. Overall, Mycorrhizae ensures that our plants are healthy and vibrant, just as we like them.

What is GaiA Green?

Gaia Green is a dry organic amendment that provides beneficial nutrition for the Cannabis plant. It comes in a granulated form that is incorporated with the Pro-Mix HP soil, which allows for slow release of the nutrients over a 4-week period. Basically, its powered plant food. The combination of Pro-Mix HP soil and Gaia Green plant food provide the plants with an awesome medium, packed with nutrients, that allows our plants to live stress-free lives. Gaia Green alone practically guarantees that our crop yields high quality results.

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium(K) are essential nutrients for Cannabis and hemp plant production. Every stage of growth for hemp plants requires different amounts of each nutrient. In the Vegetation Stage, the plants need a NPK ratio of 4:4:4, or 4% of each nutrient. In the Flowering Stage, the NPK ratio is 2:8:4 as there is less need for Nitrogen and more need for Phosphorus. Phosphorus allows for robust bud development and a high crop yield. We don’t know about you, but one thing’s for sure, we love dense buds.

The selection of Pro-Mix HP soil and Gaia Green plant food has already proved more efficacious than previous grows. At Lewis Lemon Hemp, we aspire to grow plants to their maximum potential and cultivate the best possible flower we can. The choice to use Pro-Mix HP soil and Gaia Green plant food was easy, and one we will likely make again.

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Stay High!

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